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Jack Stuppin

Fog Over Gualala River.
"My paintings celebrate nature. The colorful works are not easy to ignore and I hope that those who view them will see the landscape in a new and more intense way. The paintings are the result of my emotional reaction to the scene and my intellectual reaction to our threatened environment. I hope they will touch, influence and give pleasure to many people."

Many of the paintings were executed en plein air. Because of the limitations imposed by climatic conditions, the paintings done outdoors are generally smaller than what can be done in the studio. Starting in 2001, Jack has used some en plein air paintings as inspiration for larger oils that he rendered in the studio. Twelve of the studio paintings were exhibited in a one person show Where Land Meets Art at the Sonoma County Museum in 2002. These paintings are in Galleries 1 and 2 under Oils.

"The act of painting undoubtedly sets off what must be an excited level of neurotransmitters. We who paint gravitate compulsively to the chemical and psychic rewards triggered by the creative process."

We feature a large selection of prints by Jack.
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