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Art Notes

Gallery Showroom.Please check back for information on guidelines to caring for your art. We will make available a brochure that we can mail to you.

We will also include information on various art processes, such as the Drawing and Printing Process for Aquatint Etchings as mastered by Stephen McMillan.

Bodega Landmark Studio Collection
17255 Bodega Highway
Bodega, California USA 94922
707 876 3477
Proprietor: Lorenzo De Santis
Open Friday to Monday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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"Northcoast Arts"

An ongoing Group Exhibition of the region's leading and emerging artists and craft people, including original fine art by: Philip Buller, Jack Stuppin, Stephen McMillan, Lorenzo De Santis, Zaikine, Easton, Mennicucci, Terry Magill, Bev Van Berkom, Andy Paikos, Diane Miller, William Taylor, Aryan Chappell, Tom Rissacher, Jim Konzen, Ken Darling, Otto Hoefler, Linda Timberlake, Kathryn LeMieux, Randall Ingalls, Roger Dixon, Margaret Mantua, William Morehouse, Robert Barone and others.